Welcome to the Amsterdam Student Association Gay!

Our sign-ups are currently closed, read more!

The Association

With over 350 members (30% international), A.S.V.Gay is the largest Dutch student association for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer students and the only one in Amsterdam!

♪ I like to stay at the A.S.V.Gay! ♪

• We have no mandatory activities or initiation; we respect students(‘ schedules).

• Experience the Canal Parade on our boat.

• Join us on at least 2 trips per year!

• Activities with other LGBTQ+ associations throughout the Netherlands.

• Borrels (drinks) every Wednesday at Amstel Fifty Four (Rembrandtplein).

Throughout the year, many other (optional) activities are being organized; ~150 per year! From parties to chill, cultural, social, and sporting activities - at A.S.V.Gay you can find it all.

Look at our monthly calendar for all upcoming activities!

Become actively involved

... by joining one of the many committees (19), clubs (7), or working groups. Committees organize activities or collaborate on a task, clubs come together for their shared interest or goal, and working groups focus on a specific task. There's something for everyone, and if not, members are actively encouraged to bring forward an idea.

Introduction period

We know how much fun our student association is and we'd love to show it to you too! Sign-ups will open again around July/August, and during this time, we organize open borrels and activities. Feeling nervous about going alone (for the first time)? Request a borrel or activity buddy by emailing: vertrouwenspersonen@asvgay.nl.

Towards the end of the introduction period, join the Kweekweek (introduction week) and get to know Amsterdam, the association, and student life through the pub crawl, city game, and more. WE DON'T DO HAZING (ontgroening)! But you can join Ontrozing (introduction weekend), in the north of the Netherlands, for a weekend full of fun, alcohol (or soft drinks), games, and parties.

We thank our partners

We thank our sponsors