Introduction Period


The 'Kweekweek' is the introduction period at our lovely association. In this period we've planned a lot of great activities through which you will get to know the association and the other new members. There will be a Pub Crawl, a themed drinks night and a couple more activities. These activities will all adhere to a general theme and there is also a competitive element to it. You will participate together with your A.S.V.Gay parents (older members that will accompany you during the week) and your new association brothers and sisters.

The Kweekweek takes place during the September sign-up period. For new members in February there is still plenty to do though. There will be a Kweekday, a pub crawl and of course the amazing Ontrozingsweekend! So you have any questions about the Kweekweek? Please send an email to


The next introduction weekend, the 'ontrozing', will be March 8th till March 10th 2019. The committee can't wait to introduce the new members to the association and to eachother. To make sure that we have an amazing weekend, we have a lot of great activities and games planned. Everything on the weekend will be taken care of so all you have to do is show up and have a great time. There will be plenty of beer and partying to get you through the weekend, and you will even get the chance to impress everyone with your amazing talents. So if you'd like to go on an awesome weekend and make a lot of new friends, then sign up now. If you have any questions, please send an email to

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