Welcome to the Amsterdam Student Association Gay!

If you want to know something about the rules of the association and borrels, you can find it in the essential association documents on this page. Curious about what the policy is this year? Take a look at the heading 'board'.


Policy Plan Board XI

Everything you need to know about the policies of the current association year.

Mediaplan English 2020-21

Here you can read all about how the current board wants to curb the media.


Bylaws | A.S.V.Gay

The internal regulations of our association.

House Rules | Bar Amstel Fifty Four

What you should or shouldn't do on our borrel location?

Statutes | A.S.V.Gay (Dutch only)

The fundamental rules of the association.

🤷‍♂️ Other

Declaration of Expenses | A.S.V.Gay

Bought something for your committee? You can declare it at the treasurer with this form.

House Style Manual v1.4 | A.S.V.Gay

This handbook contains all guidelines for association-specific expressions.

Association Song | A.S.V.Gay

You need to know this song by heart. If not, you can find it here so you can practice the lyrics.

Multi-annual plan 20|24

The future goals of the association.